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Congratulations to all those competitors taking part in the 2014 FEI World Equestrian Games.

The Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory are proud that 73% of all the medal winners, chose to use a combination of KERCKHAERT HORSESHOES and LIBERTY HORSESHOE NAILS.


When the world’s best horses and riders come together it’s satisfying to know that the best farriers from around the world put their trust in the Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory and their products.

Whichever discipline, dressage, jumping, reining, eventing, vaulting and carriage driving. Farriers choose Kerckhaert for their unrivalled choice of shoes, which are designed and manufactured to the highest standard.

The Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory is dedicated to improving performance, maintaining soundness and keeping hooves in perfect health and condition.

Most common Royal Kerckhaert horseshoes used at the World Equestrian Games 2014 are: