Diamond Hoof Care Catalog

HOOF CARE Did you know you can also use Hoof & Horse formula as a health & vitality booster ? – simply double the daily dose in the first 2-4 weeks. Then continue to use as food supplement. Can also be used with a restricted diet. TIP Make sure your horse is getting all the essential nutrients, simply by adding Diamond Hoof & Horse Formula to the horses’ daily diet! Just mix in with the main feed What YOU can do to help your horse build STRONG HOOVES. The best diet for horses contains a large variety in nutrients. This is why wild horses not only feed on grasses and grains, but also on roots, stems, flowers, fruits and seeds. These are found in dozens of different meadow and woodland plants. Domestic horses need exactly the same natural diet. Unfortunately, when they are fed on a standard diet and only have small pastures for grazing, they simply cannot find the same variety in phytonutrients. The first signs your horse is missing essential nutrients are often poor horn quality, sensitive or cracked hooves and a less glossy coat.