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SBS Med-I-Sole
With SBS DISPENSING TUBE with flexible micro-tip.

Dispensing instructions (for treatment)
After cleaning the feet, apply the product. Use the powerful SBS DISPENSING TUBE to apply small controlled amounts with pinpoint accuracy. The narrow 1/32" Flexible Tip penetrates deep into hoof cavities where the pathogens hide. The Power Plunger forces in SBS topical gels and liquids.

Step 1: Flush out dirt & debris from crevices with a saline solution (salt water)
Step 2: Load SBS Topical's by pulling up on the plunger.
Step 3: Dispense topical agents by depressing plunger deep inside cracks, holes and voids.
Step 4: Clean Tube after use by quickly depressing Power Plunger with water.

Effective treatment for infections of the sole and frog (white line disease, thrush, seedy toe). The special gel formula sticks to the sole and frog, under shoes and pads. Wool, leather, and synthetic pads can be pre-treated with Med-i-sole.

10 oz - 300 ml