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SBS Toe Grow Spray
Toe Grow is a copper-peptide complex (copper and protein molecules) which has been shown to increase the production of keratin and horn growth. It repairs cell damage by enhancing the production of protein collagen. The horn, hair and skin are made up of keratin.

DIRECTIONS: Shake well before each use. Spray Toe Grow generously onto the coronary band once a day. Also, spray Toe Grow liberally on cracked and damaged areas of the hoof, hair and skin to promote faster healing and growth.

CAUTION: Avoid contact with eyes. Flush eyes with water if contact should occur. Toe Grow may cause slight stinging on open wounds. Toe Grow contains no fragrances or dyes. Natural colour is green. Any staining on hair or horn is temporary and the result of copper molecules (like a copper bracelet against your skin).

16 oz - 473 ml