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Gibbins Superthistle tear-away
The TearAway apron in SuperThistle is made from SuperThistle Suede leather. It is designed to give best protections to farriers shoeing in the Western European way, without excessive weight.

Protection given – SuperThistle gives high level protection against puncture risks, knife cuts, and abrasion as well as heat, sparks, and molten metal splash.

Fastenings – The apron is attached with a choice of Velcro or quick release fastenings.

Puncture resistance – SuperThistle has good puncture resistant properties. It is important that the wear patches are sized and positioned to give adequate cover in the normal working areas.

100% Top of the range suede

- Excellent cover to inside of legs
- Velcro fastenings at thigh and waist
- Waist adjustment with 2" buckle
- Pocket on each leg

55 cm
short - kurz - court - kort
70 cm
long - lang - long - lang