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Birth of founder Mr. Honoré Kerckhaert.
At young age he already strokes the hammer on
the anvil with great force.
In 1899 Mr. Honoré Kerckhaert earns his
National degree of Master Farrier.
Official founding of the Kerckhaert Horseshoe
At the national agricultural show in
Scheveningen, Mr. Honoré Kerckhaert wins the
first prize with his collection of handmade
Mr. Honoré Kerckhaert decides to start making
machine-made horseshoes with handmade
The first horseshoe-making machine is
functional and the first machine-made
Kerckhaert horseshoes are being produced,
with a lot more to follow.
Besides his dedication to horseshoes, Mr.
Honoré Kerckhaert also has a passion for
workhorses. He is involved in the founding of
workhorse breeding in the Netherlands.
Many famous stallions are bred and win a lot of
Honoré's son Piet Kerckhaert joins the company
to continue the success of his father's hard
During the war, steel is very rare and expensive.
After the war, prices of steel drop by 50% and
then again another 20%. Kerckhaert has a hard
time because they just bought an amount of
steel before the prices dropped.
The competition is killing and everybody wants
to export their products. The only way to survive
is to sell quality. And because of Mr. Honoré's
expertise, the Kerckhaert quality is guaranteed.
Because more and more farmers start working
their lands with machines instead of horses, the
demand for horseshoes drops dramatically.
Only 2 out of 14 horseshoe factories in The
Netherlands survive.
Kerckhaert is one of them.
Mr. Piet Kerckhaert shows Prince Bernhard the
horseshoe factory on the occasion of the 50th
The factory starts producing several machine
parts for agricultural purposes as the demand
for horseshoes is very low.
Farriers believe in the handmade quality of
Kerckhaert. They send "thank you" letters to
express how easy their job has become
thanks to the use of Kerckhaert horseshoes.
Mr. Rudy Kerckhaert follows his father's
footsteps and joins the company.
Times are changing. The economy in Europe
grows rapidly and people start to buy leisure
The demand for horseshoes now exceeds the
production capacity of Kerckhaert's factory, so
new investments to increase production have
to be made.
The existing production lines have become too
slow. So Mr. Rudy Kerckhaert decides to start
developing a brand new and ultra modern
production line.
This proves to be a real challenge, as during
the day Rudy produces horseshoes on the old
machines, visits farriers to sell shoes and last
but not least, he is also managing the day-to-day
business with many employess to take care of.
After 8 years of development, the new machines
are ready. The real work can now begin.
A new improved clipping system, called the
"Olympic Clip System", is patented.
A new identical production line is built to be able
to fulfill market demands.
Mr. Rudy Kerckhaert is travelling all over Europe
to investigate market opportunities and to know
everything about local horseshoeing traditions.
The result of these investigations can be seen in
the development of many styles to meet
market demands.
At the end of the 80's, Kerckhaert's range
consists of over 250 different styles.
Queen Beatrix, a keen amazon, visits the
Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory. During this visit,
Mr. Rudy Kerckhaert explains all about the
shoemaking process which Queen Beatrix finds
very fascinating.
Besides his passion for workhorses, Mr. Rudy
Kerckhaert is also fascinated with racehorses.
He owns a few which perform quite well.
The fourth generation of the Kerckhaert family
joins the business. Michiel and Martin start
building extra production lines.
They also open a new riding and farrier shop in
Belgium. They travel to the "four corners of the
world" and produce many new styles of
horseshoes for new emerging markets.
But it's still a family business, with Rudy
overseeing the company's continuing expansion.
Trying to make the Kerckhaert brand stronger in
the American market, Kerckhaert invents the
"Radius Clip System", which is succesfully
Kerckhaert decides to invest further in becoming
a real one-stop farrier supply company.
A complete range of tools with many top brands
gives an important extra value to the existing
range of horseshoes.
At the start of the new millennium, the
Kerckhaert family decides to start investing in a
drop forging line, to produce aluminium and steel
race plates to satisfy the world market.
First Winner on Kerckhaert aluminium race
plates: Etheral - Melbourne Cup.

November 6, 2001
Winner: Ethereal
Shoes: Kings Plate Toe Clipped (Front & Hind)
Farrier: Mr. Mark Gilbert
Trainer: Mrs. Sheila Laxon
Owner: Messrs. P.J. & P.M. Vela's
Jockey: Mr. S. Seamer
Distance: 3200 m
While designing and manufacturing, Kerckhaert
pays a lot of attention to small details which are
often overlooked by others.
This has resulted in an advanced and unique
foot surface design, which has been patented.
The inside edge of the foot surface is seated-out
to avoid sole pressure. The rest of the foot
surface is covered with small lines to give the
plate extra grip against the foot.
At the same time the heels are left smooth,
which allows natural expansion of the heels
when the foot is weight-bearing.
Because of the big expansion of the business,
Kerckhaert opens a new 5000 m² warehouse
and distribution centre.
They also start building brand new head offices.
The new offices are now ready.
All employees move from the old to the new
building. The old building in the middle of the
village centre, where it all started 100 years ago,
makes way for extra parking space.
With this move, a part of history disappears but
at the same time, the Kerckhaert Horseshoe
Factory is ready to continue its success into the
In 2006, when the Kerckhaert Horseshoe
Factory is 100 years old, Kerckhaert is
inspected by the local and national
As a result of this, Kerckhaert is extremely
honored to receive the "by Royal Warrant" in
July 2008.
Since 2005, the Maddox nail is strongly
established in many countries around the
world. Farriers choose to use the Maddox
nail because of its versatility and can be
used as a multi-purpose nail for a variety
of horses, shoes and sport disciplines.

In 2010, the Liberty Nail Factory and the
Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory
announce their partnership to launch a
brand new horseshoe nail, Liberty - A
Nail Evolution. Global collaboration
provides a premium nail option to
professional farriers worldwide.
Kerckhaert announces another warehouse
With the addition of another 5000 m², the
warehouse space is enlarged for sales and
customer service. The continued growth in
market share for our key lines such as
Kerckhaert Horseshoes, Race plates, Liberty &
Maddox+ nails and other products designed for
the professional market, is driving the need for
this expansion.
We look forward to continuing this pattern with
the support of our dealer network and
professional farriers around the world.
The Alu Kings Plate Extra Sound and Super
Sound race plates have become the standard
in major G1 races. During the 2013 FEI World
Cup season, the majority of winning horses
was shod with Kerckhaert horseshoes.

Please check our Hall of Fame to see the
latest results.

Introduction of the highly innovative,

copper coated Liberty Cu horseshoe nails,

for stronger and healthier hooves.

Liberty Cu copper coated horseshoe nails

are the new standard, because they offer

far more protection to the horse than

traditional horseshoe nails.

The nails do not rust and horses hooves

stay in great condition. After several shoeings

with Liberty Cu these benefits become even

more obvious. 

​In 2016 two independent scientific studies on

Liberty Cu nails have confirmed these benefits.

The same technology that was first

developed for Liberty Cu horseshoe nails

is now also used on the Super Sound Cu®

race plates. This offers extra protection,

especially to the weight bearing edge of

the hoof and the white line area.

Copper (Cu) Shield Technology™ is

unique to Kerckhaert​.