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  For farriers who like to nail in line with the coronary band, it is important that the toe nails can be driven higher up the hoof wall. On horses with a normal hoof conformation and strong walls it is easy to achieve this with correctly punched nail holes.

On those horses with lower heels and slightly flatter feet, a good result can only be achieved by adding more pitch to the nail holes. By punching the nail holes at an angle equal to the angle of the hoof wall, it is easier to drive the toe nails higher up the hoof.
Kerckhaert steel horseshoes have already had the correct amount of pitch on the nail holes. Kerckhaert has now developed a new, unique manufacturing process to produce a great pitch in dropped forged aluminium race plates.

Look for the new Kings Super Sound aluminium race plates. These are the first dropped forged aluminium race plate to feature the right pitch on the first three nail holes, perfect for the thoroughbred hoof.