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Royal Kerckhaert pays a lot of heed and attention to the (content of) this website but cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information that is divulged by this website. Royal Kerckhaert reserves the right to adjust (information on) the website at any moment without prior notice.

Kerckhaert is the sole party entitled to all (intellectual) rights with regard to the website. The visitors of the website are not authorized to disclose works and/or other information stored on the website protected by copyright or to multiply it in any other way including also the multiplication of information or parts of information through publication on an electronical (computer) network without permission from Royal Kerckhaert.

Kerckhaert cannot know exactly to which end visitors visit the website. Royal Kerckhaert therefore does not guarantee that the website is suitable to the purpose for which the website is consulted.

In view of the above Royal Kerckhaert denies any liability for any damage of any nature whatsoever ensuing from or in relation with the use or the temporary impossibility to use the website and the included information.

Dutch law is applicable to all disputes in relation to (the use of) the website of Royal Kerckhaert. The Dutch civil court in Kerckhaert's place of residence is solely authorized to hear disputes as described in the previous sentence.