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The Meister family demonstrates The Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Company at its best. Using new manufacturing techniques, Kerckhaert's were able to produce a new high quality horseshoe program, The Meister. After consulting with farriers, Kerckhaert's were able to understand how they could improve the shoes being currently used by the professional farrier. This lead to new innovations in design, which allowed horses to be shod in the style that was required by farriers, owners and riders. The Meister shoes include the new Support concept, with the shoe being wider at the toe for better wear, plus wider at the heel for more cover and support. The branches remain the normal width to reduce weight and make the shoe easy to shape. The Meister program continues to expand, with the introduction of the new Meister Roller, which has the unique half round section and new clip position, all designed by Kerckhaert to make shoeing easier and better. The new Meister program meant that farriers spent less time and effort shoeing, so they found it quicker and easier to achieve the high standards, which they set themselves, using Kerckhaert horseshoes of course. Farriers and The Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Company working together are a great success!