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Liberty - JC
JC0 44 mm 500 pcs (707-3450-001)
JC1 48 mm 500 pcs (707-3450-010)
JC2 52 mm 500 pcs (707-3450-020)
JC4 (TRAIT) 62 mm 100 pcs (707-3410-040)
JC5 (TRAIT) 66 mm 250 pcs (707-3425-050)
JC6 (TRAIT) 70 mm 100 pcs (707-3410-060)

This nail has become a multi-purpose nail. The main difference, compared to the regular European standard nails, is that the shank is longer and thinner, the head is more square and the crown is a bit higher for extra traction. Fits very well in V-fullered shoes and is available in a large variety of sizes.

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