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The only race nail you need

How many times have you plated a race horse with shelly, thin walled hooves and wished you had a thinner nail with a strong neck and a head that fitted seamlessly into the racing plate crease?


    • Unique, patented neck design

    • Fits seamlessly into the race plate crease and  nail holes, regardless of the size

    • Super slim shaft, reduces wall damage

    • Reduces nail movement, no breakage

    • Made from hi-tech steel, for greater strength

    • Easy clinching


Carrera nails  
Liberty Carrera comines a standardized, solid neck design with a super slim shaft

The nail is available in three different lengths. This means you do not have to use a larger nail, if you need the extra length.

Available: small - medium - long

CARRERA secure 


Carrera Secure has the same unique features as all Carrera nails. The nail head is wider, for less wear. 

    • The large nail head adds wear to your race plate

    • There is just enough space between nails, so you can remove them easily

Available: medium - long

Carrera Replaces 

Carrera or Carrera Cu? - You Choose

Liberty Carrera horseshoe nails are available both as traditional (steel) and with the additional option of Copper (Cu) Shield Technology™.

Liberty nails that are made with Cu Shield Technology™ have the added benefit that they do not rust or wear inside the hoof and when used on a daily basis hoof wall, white line and sole are stronger and healthier. In 2016 two independent studies on Liberty Cu horseshoe nails have confirmed these benefits.

Read more about Cu Shield Technology™

The winning combination:


Did you know the Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory completely reinvented the way all traditional horseshoe nails were made?

Liberty are Innovative, uncompromising horseshoe nails, designed and made by Kerckhaert, from start to finish. This makes Liberty horseshoe nails better than everything that was available before.

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