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Belgian Model
Made from Durable - SAE 4140 medium Carbon Steel, Lightweight pattern - Drawn out reins and rounded jaws, Comfort - Crank in reins provides alignment. Tongs were designed to provide versatility in one pair of tongs. These beautifully polished and finished tools have a comfortable fit in your hand. The tongs were designed to offer more grip with added grooving and a concave surface inside the jaw. They were originally designed to pick up flat stock such as horseshoes, however they are gaining popularity amongst blacksmiths. They are perfect for hard to reach areas and are quick to use. The handles are round to flat with balls on the ends. Because the jaws are tapered you can easily slide the tongs under the stock while in the fire. Made to last a life time with proper care.

Maintenance: To maintain the tool clean between the end stops, the two flat surfaces between the rivet and the blade, with a wire brush and oil the rivet with a good quality lubricating oil on a weekly basis. This will dramatically improve the longevity of the tool.

  1/4 inch  -  6 mm
5/16 inch  -  8 mm
  3/8 inch - 10 mm
  1/2 inch - 12 mm

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