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Article on the Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory

Published on:september 13, 2016

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The Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory is the world's largest independent manufacturer of horseshoes. In order to achieve this leading position, the company has always upheld its core values: A total commitment to its partners and their customers and uncompromising product innovation and quality, extending since its founding in 1906 in the Netherlands to the present day.

written for German society of professional farriers EDHV – CS Aug. 2016 

In 2016 the company is managed by the fourth generation of the Kerckhaert family. It has always maintained its leadership position, also after horses were only used for sport and recreation,  with the advent of the automobile and tractor. Kerckhaert was the first to respond  to this major change by adapting the product range to fit the needs of sports enthusiasts. This was done not only through research and meeting  specific demands of farriers in many countries, but also by defining product standards, that were widely adopted by other manufacturers in the industry. Today, we are producing nearly 1,500 different Kerckhaert horseshoes and Kerckhaert remains the market leader. 

Predicate Royal since 2008
In 2008, on the occasion of our centenary in 2006, Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands granted our company the predicate Royal. Since then the name of the company was changed to Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory and the Royal Crown was added to the company logo. The predicate Royal is a distinction that symbolizes the respect, appreciation and trust of the king toward the receiver.  It was granted to about only 150 companies in the Netherlands. 

Innovation and quality go hand in hand, but they do not simply arise overnight. Decades of experience and technological developments come together at Kerckhaert and offer unparalleled efficiency and flexibility in production. Add to this a combination of patented designs, purpose-developed materials and manufacturing processes as well as a deliberate program for product development and there you have our unique recipe for ongoing success. 

Liberty Cu – copper coated horseshoe nails 
Our latest innovation was introduced in 2015: the copper coated Liberty Cu horseshoe nails. Liberty Cu are a major step towards stronger, healthier hooves, in the traditional world of farriery. Liberty Cu do not rust or wear inside the hoof wall and offer  far more protection to the horse than conventional horseshoe nails. This is why we believe the technically advanced Liberty Cu will become the new standard in horseshoe nails very soon. 

The winning combination
Kerckhaert has been a household  name at the forefront of the equestrian sport for decades. Professional riders do not take any unnecessary risks and around the globe Kerckhaert and Liberty are always the preferred horseshoes and nails, when people prepare for glory. This was seen  again during the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.  In our Hall of Fame  you can find which models were the choice of the champions. 

Prepared for the future
Kerckhaert  intends to continue to raise the bar in equestrian sport. We will be introducing more and even better products in the future, to meet the exact needs of farriers and horses around the globe. 
Although the profession of farriers is often still passed down from generation to generation and taught by experienced farriers, continuous learning and keeping up with modern developments is of the utmost importance to young and old alike.  This is why Kerckhaert organizes regular training days for farriers and often works together with farrier schools and farrier trade associations.

The company slogan: Dedicated to excellence at Kerckhaert has a really solid, steel base.

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