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Press Release - Liberty Carrera

Published on:november 23, 2016

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The Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory introduces an innovative new race nail:


The Only Type Of Race Nail You Need 
Until now race plate farriers have often plated race horses with shelly, thin walled hooves and wished they actually had a thinner nail with a stronger neck and a head that fitted seamlessly into the racing plate crease.

Kerckhaert recognized this need and developed an innovative race nail that combines a unique, patented neck design with a super slim shaft that is copper coated. 

1. The unique, patented neck design is standardized to fit in the crease and nail holes regardless of the size of the race plate. 

2. The super slim shaft varies in length allowing for use on different hooves. 

3. The copper coating does not rust or wear inside the hoof, for stronger and healthier hooves.

Through these innovations, Kerckhaert, strongly believes the Liberty Carrera race nail will replace many different styles and sizes race nails on the market today, making it the only type of race nail a race plate farrier will need to carry. 

The Liberty Carrera race nail ensures a seamless fit for all aluminum race plates. It also reduces nail movement that is found in existing types of race nails.

In 2015 Kerckhaert released the Liberty Cu, a copper coated horseshoe nail for riding horses*. Liberty Cu quickly became the new standard with farriers worldwide. Now the Liberty Carrera race nail offers race horses the same benefits. 

The winning combination: 
Kerckhaert race plates + Liberty Carrera  race nails

The unique, patented neck design or the Liberty Carrera race nail is another deceivingly simple, yet very clever concept which demonstrates how Kerckhaert continues to change the world of farriery though innovations in design. 

After already having set new standards on all leading race tracks with the revolutionary Kings Plate Extra Sound race plate program, it was only a matter of time before The Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory developed a race nail, to go with it. Now they have.

Interested in the Liberty Carrera race nail? Read more on the productpage.