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Published on:oktober 04, 2018

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Diamond Hoof & Horse Formula - Diamond Hoof Biotin - Diamond Thrush Treatment - Diamond Hoof Defender - Diamond Hoof Conditioner


Diamond Hoof & Horse Formula is a complementary feed for domestic horses of all ages, which helps to build strong hooves.


• Helps to build strong hooves.

• Promotes a healthy immune system.

• Horse can effectively use all nutrients.

• No heating of ingredients!

• 50% less sugar than other leading brands.

• Produced in a sustainable way, according to the latest insights in horse nutrition.


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Diamond Hoof Biotin

Complementary feed. Helps build strong hooves, glossy coat and healthy skin. Use also for sensitive hooves and poor horn quality. Contains not only Biotin, but also other vitamins and trace elements, for better results.


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Diamond Thrush Treatment

This antiseptic blue gel formula reduces bacteria & fungi, without affecting healthy tissue. Bonds to the hoof protein to form a protective barrier between thrush and healthy tissue. As the color of the gel fades you know it is time to repeat.


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Diamond Hoof Defender

Diamond Hoof Defender is an antiseptic product that cleans and disinfects the hoof. This helps protect against common hoof diseases, caused by bacteria and fungi (e.g. white line disease and thrush).


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Diamond Hoof Conditioner

Easy to use dual action formula. Hardens hoof and provides a barrier against infection. It also helps maintain elasticity and a healthy moisture balance. Covers imperfections and gives a shiny look. Very useful in extremely wet or dry conditions.


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