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Newsletter December

Published on:december 12, 2018

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Diamond Drop Blade - Diamond All-in-1 Sharpener - Diamond Hoof Pick - Diamond Mini Hoof Rasp - TNC Rim - Classic Quarter - Hoof & Horse Care flyer


Dear sir/madam,


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


The Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe factory is closed from 24 December to 1 January.







Diamond DROP BLADE hoof knife

Not just another hoof knife.


State-of-the-art hoof knife with special design that compliments the contour of the horses concave sole. This makes trimming easier!



Diamond - All-in-1 SHARPENER

Sharpen every tool you own!


Ergonomically shaped, foldable design, for deburring and sharpening farriers tools - and more! Use for straight and curved hoof knives , loop knives, nippers and every other tool you own.






Unique design, for easier cleaning.


This state-of-the-art hoof pick has serrated edges and a hole in the hook. This makes cleaning easy.



Diamond Mini Hoof Rasp

Keep at hand in every stable.


Smaller version of the Standard hoof rasp.







New: 15x6 Hind Sideclipped 00 & 2



Classic Quarter


New: 25x10 Front Sideclipped 4


The Diamond HOOF AND HORSE CARE flyer is now available.



When you choose Diamond you know you are always using the very best products available on the market.


Download flyer

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