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Gibbins Flamemaster
The Closed Front Wrap Round Apron in Flame Master is made from Flamemaster fabric with SuperThistle patches and pockets. It is designed specifically for farriers who require a light apron with good protection in the specific working areas of thigh and knee.

Protection given – Flamemaster fabric gives protection from dirt and sparks – SuperThistle patches give high level protection against puncture risks, knife cuts, and abrasions as well as heat, sparks, and molten metal splash.

Fastenings – the apron is attached with Tenas Fastenings on the legs and buckle on the waist.

Puncture resistance – Can be improved by upgrading to SuperThistle Closed Front Wrapround apron. SuperThistle has a good puncture resistant properties. It is important that the wear patches are size and positioned to give adequate cover in the normal working areas.

75% Cotton, 25% Polyester

- Excellent cover to inside of legs
- Legs fasten with multi-position Tenax popper
- Waist fastening with 1.5" buckle
- Pocket on each leg

55 cm
short - kurz - court - kort
70 cm
long - lang - long - lang

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