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3M Helmet 10V


Welding Helmet 10V - Schweissmaske10V - Masque de soudage 10V -  Laskap 10V

- Fully assembled welding helmet comes ready to use
- Auto darkening filter (ADF) transitions from light to dark shade in approximately .1 milliseconds after welding arc is detected
- Low-cost welding helmet offers professional grade features
- Lightweight helmet meets U.S. government high impact requirements of ANSI Z87.1-2010
- Helmet design allows compatibility with select 3M disposable welding respirators
- 1.73 in. x 3.66 in. ADF viewing area
- User-selectable dark shades 10 through 12

3M™ Welding Helmet 10 with Auto-Darkening Filter 10V is good for Stick and MIG welding processes. Features user-selectable dark shades 10 through 12, with light state of Shade 3. It has two user-selectable sensitivity levels.

From the makers of 3M™ Speedglas, the 3M™ Welding Helmet 10 with Auto Darkening Filter 10V offers affordability and value for welders who want professional-grade eye and face protection. This welding helmet helps protect a welder’s eyes and face from debris and harmful radiation including visible light, ultra-violet radiation (UV), infra-red radiation (IR), and sparks and spatter. Manufactured in-house at a 3M facility, the Auto-Darkening Filter 10V offers outstanding optical clarity, quality and durability. With a 2-year warranty and the backing of 3M Technical service, this helmet will outlast many other inexpensive helmets currently out on the market.

Auto Darkening Filter Reacts Instantly After Striking an Arc
The viewing lens features three user-selectable dark shades, from shade 10 through shade 12, and a light state shade of 3. The viewing area measures 1.73 inches high x 3.66 inches wide and provides a field of view that helps the welder to see the work in progress with minimal obstruction. Two sensors in the lens activate the auto-darkening filter when an arc is struck. The lens then switches from light to dark shade in approximately 0.1 milliseconds (1/10,000 of a second)* giving the welder an instant transition from light to dark shade while maintaining an optimal view for torch placement, and weld puddle control. When the weld is complete, the filter automatically returns to light shade 3 with a delay of approximately 40-250 milliseconds, allowing almost immediate inspection of the weld pool and preparation for the next weld. The auto darkening filter reduces the need to flip the welding helmet up and down between torch placements, which can be distracting and stressful on the neck of the welder. Eliminating the need to flip the helmet up and down also allows the welder to work more continuously, thus boosting productivity by reducing the stop-and-start time needed with passive lens welding helmets.


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