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Jim Blurton Jaw Type
Revolutionary designed tool which allows you to change the top jaw which normally wears out quicker than the lower jaw. The top jaw is made out of EN24 tool steel and hardened to 58 Rockwell. The jaw fits on a dove tail and is glued into position using any of the hoof repair compounds on the market. Tap the top end of the jaw down towards the centre of the tool. This will break the seal. Tap it off the jaw and clean the dove tail joint thoroughly. Place some hoof repair compound on the joint and also on the spare jaw and slide the spare jaw into the dove tail joint. Leave the jaw until the glue has set.

The handles are ergonomically designed half round and fit the palm of the hand well. The rivet is positioned close to the jaw which gives the tool a powerful clenching action with minimum effort from the user and has been referred to as the power clencher.

Maintenance: To maintain this tool regularly clean the teeth with a wire brush and oil the rivet with a good quality lubricating oil.


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